UH South Wellness Center Update

Online sign up coming soon!

The HOA filed a grievance surrounding access to the UH South Wellness Center back on September 22.  Since that time, we have been notified that there will be an online sign up through a link that the HOA sends out in a separate email.  For those interested, this will require your immediate attention.   Results based on the survey you received regarding your intended use, approximately 400 of you plan to sign up.

The email will read News For All House Officers and the subject will be UH South Wellness Center Sign Up.  Please, don't sign up just because you can.  Sign up because you intend to use the space.  



MOU. III, Exercise Facility, and any and all other implicated provisions of the Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA) between the University of Michigan Regents and the University of Michigan House Officers Association (HOA).


The parties’ most recent negotiations concluded with a clear agreement that the Employer would “provide access to the [UH South Wellness Center] for all House Officers.” On September 21, 2017, Employer security turned away numerous House Officers from attending an “Open House” for the Wellness Center, which the Employer states is the only avenue for “signing up” to pay the monthly fee. The Employer is limiting the number of memberships available and thereby excluding “all House Officers” from utilizing the facility. That violates the intent and spirit of the parties’ MOU.

Due to work constraints that do not affect other employees, many House Officers are also not able to attend the limited number of Open Houses. The Employer should waive the “Open House” requirement for any and all House Officers who desire access.  

On behalf of the Association,

Dr. Michael Clery, President, HOA

Link to MOU III