Direct Dealing is an Unfair Labor Practice

Examples that you may have encountered.

Direct Dealing occurs when an employer (technically anyone who has authority over you) and a represented employee (bargaining unit member) discuss and take action without the union’s knowledge or presence (HOA representative), in matters that fall within the scope of the mandatory subjects of collective bargaining.


Agreement to forgo holiday pay when working a holiday.  Trading holiday pay for another day off instead.  Why? This involves a wage.  Wages are a mandatory subject of collective bargaining.

Being offered an appointment to a position that doesn't compensate you for each of your completed ACGME training programs.  Why?  Criteria for appointment levels are also mandatory subjects of bargaining.

Being told to change or not enter your legitimate MedHub hours so that you don't qualify for meal reimbursement.  Again, another mandatory subject of bargaining.  By now you have the gist of it.

Please feel free to contact Robin in the HOA Office if you have a question or concern regarding direct dealing.  Of course this will remain "off-the-record' unless you say otherwise.  

Not every issue the HOA addresses results in a grievance or an unfair labor practice.  We pride ourselves on using the grievance process and the Michigan Employment Resolution Commission as a last resort, preferring to work through issues by having dialogue with the approprate parties.