HO Parking Coupons/Vouchers

What does your contract state?

An employee who has been assigned to an off-site location and is required to return to the Hospital prior to 4:00 p.m. (given that at 4:00 pm they will have access to P3) will not be required to pay for parking fees incurred in the Patient/Visitor Parking Structure (P2) during the required return period. Exit from the parking structure will require a parking voucher, available primarily through the individual Program Coordinators or the Program Coordinators' designees. If the Program Coordinator is not available, the parking vouchers will be available at the main entrance desk located on floor 1 of the Taubman Center prior to leaving the parking area. The desk is now open 24/7!

Any requirement that is part of your training or duty hours entitles you to a parking voucher.  Denial of being provided with a parking voucher is a contract violation and would need to be addressed through the grievance process.  

When you have the P3 24-hour Access and are displaced due to the limited number of Blue spots, you are also entitled to a Parking Voucher good for exit from any Visitor parking lot, typically you will be directed to P1 (Cancer Center lot).  Please, do not pay out-of-pocket if you are entitled to a coupon.  Give the attendant your name and badge number for further investigation.