Monthly Cell Phone Stipend

Your form is due on or before November 3.

As you are aware, as part of the HOA ratified contract, effective December 2017, all House Officers are eligible for a monthly cell phone stipend, in accordance with University policy, in the amount of fifty dollars ($50.00) per month. In order for the stipend to be payable, you are required to complete a “Cell Phone Verification Statement for Stipend House Officers” form and provide it to your Program Coordinator. 

Should you choose to agree to the requirements to be eligible for this benefit, please return your completed form to your Program Coordinator by/on Friday, November 3rd. The first stipend payment, for House Officers who have completed all necessary steps, will be included in the December 2017 monthly payroll (pay date is December 22nd).
AirWatch and Duo Two-Factor security must be installed on your device by December 1, 2017, if not already done. Information regarding how to do this can be found at:

Once installed, should you elect to remove these systems from your phone, please notify your Program Coordinator so the monthly cell phone stipend can be discontinued. Additionally, through audits, should HITS discover that enrollment has not occurred, the cell phone stipend will be immediately terminated and your Program Director notified.

For those of you who continue to be reluctant to install AirWatch and Duo, please remember, a judge would need to sign a warrant (there would need to be probable cause of you committing a crime), for the employer to access and supply any personal information found on your smart phone.  Legally, that's a lot of hoops to jump through!  

What type of information does Michigan Medicine store about my phone? Can they look at my personal information?

AirWatch does NOT collect any data related to phone calls, texts, location, or web browsing. AirWatch only collects basic device metrics, such as battery life, device identifying information, cell phone carrier, etc. AirWatch will also track the status of encryption and email policies applied to the device, and any enterprise apps (like Haiku/Canto) installed on the device, but NOT apps installed by the device user.

All Michigan Medicine employees are required to install AirWatch and Duo if they plan on taking advantage of the stipend.  This is something that was not negotiable.