Parking Enforcement

A list of items that could earn you a ticket.

The University of Michigan Police Department (UMPD) is responsible for enforcing University parking regulations. The hours of parking enforcement vary between locations and are posted on the entrance sign at every lot and structure. The enforcement hours are also available online at

Enforced Violations:

Expired Meters
Parked over 48-Hour Legal Limit
Parking overnight on South Campus
No Parking Anytime No Stopping or Standing Commercial Vehicle Bus Stop Double Parking
Parking Within 15 ft. of Fire Hydrant
Parking on Walk
Left to Curb
Blocking Driveway
Blocking Crosswalk
Parked over 12 Inches from Curb
No Permits U-M Lots
Motorcycles Only
Parked Upon or Across Line
No Parking Fire Lane
U-M Vehicle Only
No Parking in Driveway
Snow Removal

For more information on parking, click on the link below.

Faculty and Staff Rules and Regulations