The Intent Behind Secondary Care Giver Leave

Does this extend my training?

While extending your training isn't likely, or in the spirit of the contract, a couple of issues COULD extend your training, but it's unlikely.  All certifying organizations have policies to address deficits in training time to some extent.  

As an example, the American Board of Internal Medicine (ABIM) has a policy where your program director and the Clinical Competency Committee can agree to submit a letter attesting that you are Board eligible.  

The ABIM may recognize that a trainee has achieved the required competence with a deficit of less than one month, so that extended training may not be required. Only program directors may request that ABIM apply the Deficits in Required Training Time policy on a trainee's behalf, and such a request may only be made during the trainee's final year of training. Program directors may request a deficit in training time when submitting evaluations for the final year of standard training via FasTrack, subject to ABIM review. 

Perhaps you have not completed a required rotation or you are on an academic remediation plan, these could impact your status and likely extend your training.  Absent these two factors, your program should not hesitate to provide you with documentation so that you may begin a fellowship on time.

If you are being discouraged from taking time off during this very important time in your family, please reach out to the HOA for support on this issue.  Below we have included the contract language pertaining to this issue.

94  A House Officer who becomes a father, or who is a same-sex domestic partner of a birthing mother, or who is the secondary care provider of an adopted child, will be granted up to fourteen (14) consecutive paid days (not shifts) off at any time from the delivery or arrival of the child to three (3) months after delivery; or arrival of the child. The House Officer will have the option to use up to two (2) weeks, consecutive to this leave, of available vacation time to supplement this leave. Up to four (4) days of the fourteen (14) days may be used by the House Officer within three (3) months prior to the birth or arrival of the child.

95  Upon returning from use of Secondary Care Provider leave described in Paragraph 94, the House Officer may request and be granted no scheduled overnight call and duty limited to twelve (12) consecutive hours for no more than one (1) month immediately after their return.