VA Meal Allowances

Post settlement, here's what you need to know.

The VA needs to follow the meal reimbursement guidelines established in the CBA for any house officer that rotates there.  This was the subject of a grievance and a settlement during the last fiscal year.  

To be as clear as possible, ALL bargaining unit members (ALL House Officers) regardless of what program you are in, are entitled to meal reimbursement while rotating at the VA. 

House officers rotating at the VA will be provided with meals or pre-loaded cards for VA Canteen use consistent to the qualification guidelines followed by the house officers rotating at University of Michigan (Article 15 of the CBA). Qualifying house officers (those house officers in house overnight) will be provided with a $75, $50, or $25 cards commensurate with number of shifts and calls they are assigned. Due to the workload there are times where the additional distribution of cards is warranted and provided.