New LOA Form

A form specifically for HO's.

In the HOA Agreement, there is both paid and unpaid leave.  A new form has been created specifically for house officers.  Form HR36612 is the appropriate form for you and your program coordinator to complete and sign and process to avoid certain benefits being discontinued.

Remember, vacation time is a separately negotiated benefit and must be used within each appointment year.  Consider using vacation time at the beginning or end of a LOA.  It is "use it" or "lose it."  Your program coordinator has now been trained in the use of the form and process.

To provide you with confidentiality related to a serious illness, Work Connections, will be utilized to obtain the necessary documentation for a paid leave. The Employer will be responsible for initiating the claim, however, the House Officer is able to do this as well. The House Officer is responsible for ensuring Work Connections receives required documentation within a reasonable time frame or a time frame as prescribed by Work Connections.  

It is a violation of your privacy for your program director or equivalent level of supervision to inquire about the reason behind the need for time off under serious illness.  That is between you, your physician, and Work Connections.