Holiday Pay Substitution

The cut-off for requesting the substitution for Memorial Day Holiday Pay is fast approaching...

For those of you who still have substitutions left, (you can request 2 substitutions per fiscal/academic year) March 28 is the cut-off to request to substitute the Memorial Day Holiday.

Don't know if you're on the schedule for Memorial Day?  Be on the safe side and assume you're not working and request to be paid for another day that week!  Requests for substitutions need to be made at least 60 days in advance and there is no guarantee your program will get your schedules out in time to make the request.  Don't delay, do it today!

Do not rely on your Program Director's approval after March 28 for this pay.  GME will not honor your Program Director's authorization for payment.  This is the subject of yet another new grievance that is being filed on behalf of residents who were denied their substitutions by GME for the previous December/January Holidays after it was approved by your PD.