New Email Address

A message from the Executive Director.

After a long history of having an email address on the UMHS server, I will no longer be using or email addresses. Moving forward you can reach me at While change is difficult, and there is never a good time to make such a switch, I remain optimistic.

This change solidifies my role as an employee of the Association, not Michigan Medicine.  I work for you, our House Officer members, and always have.  Any illusion of it being otherwise was never the intention.    

As the registered bargaining agent with the State of Michigan, I take the trust your elected officials have placed in me very seriously.  To be clear, the University of Michigan House Officers Association is a 501 (c) 7 non-profit labor union.  We are a registered corporation and have a Federal Tax-exempt ID number.  

The HOA's relationship with the University of Michigan is a legal one in that the Association is recognized by the Regents, as the sole and exclusive bargaining representative with respect to wages, hours, and all other conditions of employment. 

I have seen a change in the organizational culture since I first walked through the door to the HO Lounge in November of 2011.  What hasn't changed is the caliber of House Officer who comes to Michigan to train.  The HOA counts over 92% of all House Officers as members.  Proving my theory that at the very least 93% of you are brilliant!  I'm proud to be your employee!