National Accrediting Body and Time Away From Training

Why you need to know this information.

Your national accrediting body determines the amount of training time that can be missed each year to be eligible to sit for your board certification.  If you are allowed 6 weeks each year, that is what you are entitled to under the contract.  It is up to you to know this.  Some lengthy programs allow for more time off during the last one or two years of your training.

Paragraph 75 of the CBA states, "An employee whose national accrediting body training program requirements or non-University sponsor prescribe the amount of time off for vacation shall be entitled to that amount of vacation."

If you are entitled to do a certain number of weeks related to research, you need to make sure that's included in your curriculum.  You are here to train and become eligible to sit successfully for your boards.  Please familiarize yourself with the ever-changing requirements.