Resolution of Holiday Pay Grievances

Those owed for Holiday Pay will tentatively receive their corrected amounts in May/June payroll.

The HOA, together with Labor Relations, has resolved the issue of holiday pay and holiday pay substitutions. Those affected House Officers have been contacted and will receive their agreed upon amounts.  In resolution of the Holiday Pay substitution issue, there will be a Memorandum of Understanding with new language forthcoming by the end of the month.

The HOA (unsuccessfully) requested to automate Med Hub during contarct negotiations, and share in the expense of automation, so that house officers would be less burdened with additional reporting when entitled to additional compensation or reimbursement.  As an example:  if you worked a Holiday and entered your hours into Med Hub, you would automatically get paid.  If you were on call or back up call during a holiday and were not called, you could report that, also, and get paid.  If you entered 12 hours or more as duty hours and those hours fell past 7 pm, you would automatically receive the meal allowance, so and so forth.

The HOA will continue to advocate for these changes, but for now, the HOA will send out reminders when entries are due and hopefully, your programs will, too.  If you don't follow the timelines in the contract, you won't be paid.