VA Meal Allowance Settlement

87 HO's will see an addition to their pay check.

While the HOA continues to work with the VA and Labor Relations on an acceptable process regrading your meal allowance moving forward, for now, 87 House Officers have been identified and will see various settlement amounts reported on their June pay stub.  There is a link to the spreadsheet of members who will receive their reimbursement at the bottom of this article.  Obtaining data from the VA has been extremely difficult.

The VA is not providing the $8,500 going into member's pockets.  Michigan Medicine is making this Settlement possible.

Please note you must accurately report your duty hours.  The audit revealed a few HO's had been overpaid as their duty hours showed they didn't qualify for a meal card.  Those who were named as having been overpaid, will not be required repay those amounts.

The threshold to qualify for the meal allowance at the VA is to work 12 hours and past 7 pm for the evening meal.  Falsification of duty hours to obtain a meal card could result in serious discipline.  Please be mindful of this in the future.

Settlement Detail