Holiday Pay Rates and Info. for FY2019

Holiday Pay substitutions are not required to be religous observances.

A holiday will commence at 12:00 AM on the calendar date of the holiday and will continue for the twenty-four (24) hour consecutive period until 12:00 AM the day after the holiday.

To the extent practicable, the Employer will try to schedule the 10 Holidays listed in the contract free of responsibilities. In addition, the Employer shall make every effort to honor the requests for the religious requirements by House Officers for observances of religious holidays. House Officers shall make such requests not less than sixty (60) calendar days in advance of the religious observance.

Holiday Substitutions are not required to be based on religous observances.

Any House Officer may substitute up to two (2) alternative days of his/her choice for any of the previously defined House Officer holidays within any twelve (12) month appointment period so long as the substitution request is made sixty (60) calendar days prior to the holiday. These substitutions will be mutually agreeable to the House Officer and his/her Program Director. That House Officer will be eligible for holiday pay if he/she has any assigned responsibilities by their training program on those agreed-upon substitute dates.

FY2019 Rates

  • HO I -       $157
  • HO II -      $165
  • HO III -     $173
  • HO IV -     $182
  • HO V -      $192
  • HO VI -     $202
  • HO VII -    $212
  • HO VIII -   $222