Yet Another Association Grievance

Vacation is not mandatory, but a separately negotiated benefit.

In an unprecedented action by Graduate Medical Education, Program Directors are being instructed that House Officers who take a Leave of Absence (Maternity Leave) or time off for Serious Illness, can no longer forgo any part of vacation to augment the amount of time required to become Board eligible, regardless of what the various national accrediting Boards have determined in their policies regarding time away from training.  

HOA Leadership brought this issue to the Labor Management Committee, seeking to ascertain whether this was true or not.  As recently as September 5, the HOA was told Dr. Biermann was meeting with Dr. Bradford to discuss this issue.  Given no further comment from the administration, the HOA was forced to file a grievance.  By filing a grievance, the administration must respond in writing within 30 days.

It is the position of the HOA that all benefits in the Collective Bargaining Agreement are separately negotiated. Benefits are available to every member of the bargaining unit, upon request or enrollment.  

Copy of the filed grievance.