Open Enrollment - October 22 - November 2

UM HOA Disability Plan is outside of this process.

This communication is to inform you of your long-term disability coverage.  Open enrollment will take place at the end of the month and it is important to understand that the House Officers’ disability coverage is outside the University benefit platform.

The University provides group long-term disability coverage at no cost to you as a House Officer. There are also supplemental portable options during training and at graduation.

For the UM HOA Disability Plan details, see your page at UM HOA Disability Plan or click here to view a video.

Mike Flynn of Flynn Benefits Group is not a traditional outside vendor and has been selected by the HOA and University to aid in the administration of the contract and services this coverage for the House Officers.  Mike is in the HOA Lounge on the 3rdFriday of each month between 11am and 1pm on to answer questions.  You will also receive communications throughout your training reminding you of your options.

Feel free to contact his office directly to discuss your disability coverage needs.  Mike’s contact information is:

Main Office 248.649.4100  |  Cell 248.761.9426 |