2020 Kids Kare Registration

Users must sign up each year.

Registration for Kids Kare at Home, a sick-child and backup child care service for the University of Michigan community, is now open.

This service is for those times when regular care is unavailable. For example, when a child needs to stay home due to illness, but the parent must be on campus or at work, a Kids Kare caregiver may be available to provide backup care in the home.

“It can be very challenging and stressful to care for kids and juggle your schedule, especially if your child gets sick” says Barb Mulay, manager of the Work-Life Resource Center. “The university offers Kids Kare to give parents a backup care option and hopefully a little peace of mind.”

To use the Kids Kare at Home program, faculty, staff and students must first register online. Parents are encouraged to register now to ensure access to the service beginning Jan. 1. Registration is free and there is no obligation to use the service.

Kids Kare Registration