Two Volunteers are Needed

New potential adult inpatient hospital being planned.

Michigan Medicine will continue design and preconstruction planning for a potential new adult inpatient facility.  This would address the high demand for inpatient rooms and surgical suites, the plan would include the relocation of 110 beds from University Hospital plus 154 new beds for a total of 264. In addition, the plan calls for up to 23 procedural suites for surgical and interventional radiology.

During the last round of contract negotiations, the HOA brought up the fact that we have no shared space in the Children and Women's Hospital, like we do in University Hospital, and that has created an issue for us.  We are looking to secure a space for an Association Lounge in any new building.  Consequently, we need HO representation on this committee.

If construction goes forward following completion of the study, this potential building would be constructed on the main medical campus, just west of the Frankel Cardiovascular Center.

Ideally, House Officers in the following specialties would be the most helpful:  Neurology, Neurosurgery, Cardiovascular Medicine, and Cardiovascular and Thoracic surgery.

Please contact Robin through this link if you are interestd in volunteering.