Memorandum of Understanding on LOA's

Language added to your contract.

The HOA and the Employer have entered into the linked Memorandum of Understanding regarding time off from training for any reason.  Vacation, serious illness, paid and unpaid leaves of absence, are all separately negotiated benefits in the UM-HOA Agreement and regarded as mandatory subjects of collective bargaining. 

To further clarify, these benefits are entitlements, and not requirements, as such, a resident may forgo vacation in any appointment year to align with time away from training policies established by a national accrediting body, which may be averaged over a multi-year period for some training specialties. 

While you are encouraged to take time off, it is not mandatory.  Each of you must decide for yourselves what is in your best interest.  This information has been communicated to your Program Directors and Program Coordinators.  

GME has required your program to inquire whether you intend to forgo vacation by September 1.  If you are uncertain, exceptions will be made.  Your program needs this information for planning purposes.  Contact Robin if you encounter any push back or have any questions.  It is acknowledged that with pregnancy, determining the use of vacation is somewhat unpredictable.