New Housing Feature: Roommate Finder

Looking for a roommate? The HOA's Housing Website can now help. It's also a great time to list your properties for sale or rent.

Roommate Finder

The roommate finder allows incoming and existing house officers to share their information with each other in hopes of finding a roommate while working at Michigan Medicine.

The access to the information on this page is very limited, so you can feel reasonably safe publishing your profile. The only people who can view profiles on this page are:

  • Incoming residents and fellows who intend on joining the HOA
  • Dues paying members of the HOA
  • HOA Staff (Robin and Steve)

List Your Properties for Rent or Sale

It's still a great time to list your place on the housing website. As people prepare to transition in July, there are many looking to rent or buy. If you are a House Officer with a place to rent or sell, now is the time to list on the HOA’s housing website. Many House Officers have found good success renting their properties to incoming interns and fellows.

Members of the House Officers Association may list properties for free, others may need to make a donation to the HOA in order to list. You may list your landlord's property for them, so long as you had a good experience and would recommend them to a colleague.

If you have any questions use the help button on the housing website.