Parking Changes to Take Effect

Beginning August 12.

Changes include:

In the Taubman P3 parking structure, 280 gold spaces will become patient/visitor spaces. This means all gold parking will be removed from P3 and moved to P4.  P4 will lose 280 spaces, which is less than originally planned.  There was a plan to add an additional 100 gold spaces to those relocated to P4, which the HOA and UMPNC strongly encouraged the administration not to move forward with, so it could be worse.

At the Fuller Road lot (M71), 250 yellow spaces will become blue spaces.  At the Arboretum Pit lot (M29), across the street from the hospital entrance, 48 valet spaces will become blue spaces.  The valet spaces will be part of those newly available spots in P3 due to moving gold to P4.

In all, patient spaces will increase by 280 and blue spaces will remain the same.

Overnight parking, accessible parking spaces, business vehicle parking, and other special programs will not be affected by the plan, which includes the HOA's spots in P3 designated as 24-hour access that your program assigns based on schedule requirements and off-shift parking needs.  You will still have access to the after-hours and weekend parking in P3, as outlined in your contract, and of course use of the vouchers when returning to the main medical campus from an off-site location.

If changes to the program allocations are required, your chief resident will be contacted. There will be no changes until after our Peds programs share their P4 parking experiences with us.  We will be publishing a list of fill times for all the related "hill" parking garages and lots as soon as we receive it.