Parking Options

Consider making a change before the winter months.

Many of you who park in P4 are questioning the value of a blue AVI.  No House Officer is required to purchase a blue AVI or any AVI for that matter.  If you are assigned by your program to P3, your badge can be used to access the garage via a swipe reader. (The programs who don't rotate the spots and have decided to assign them for longer than 30 days, you'll need the blue AVI.)  Consider using the 30-day Light Blue permit.  Once you return your blue AVI, your badge will be programmed accordingly.  Remember, fellows who are HO6 and above are eligible to purchase a gold AVI. 

If you are assigned to an off-site location and you are required to come to the main medical campus between 9 am and 4 pm, you can park in P2 with free exit (House Officer Coupons) as outlined in the Collective Bargaining Agreement.  If you are assigned to in-house activities at the main medical campus but don’t need a vehicle during the day for travel to an outlying clinic or surgery center, you should consider utilizing one of the free parking lots and taking a shuttle.

The HOA has 376 protected spots in P3 (the HO 24/7 Parking program) and will not be getting additional spaces at this time.  We rely on your programs to assign these P3 spots based on your schedules/rotations.  If after the implementation of the changes we need to adjust the allocations to the current programs, we will. Your chief will be contacted.  

House Officers with P3 24/7 access are permitted to park in the spaces signed "Blue & COPH Parking Programs" or in Patient/Visitor spaces (when there is no space available).  Any spaces designated for COPH only (the signage just indicates COPH) should not be utilized by the House Officer program and could result in a citation.

Your access to P3 for after-hours overnight parking and weekend parking isn’t going away and the number of blue spots on the main medical campus remains unchanged.

For more information on your parking options, including the available shuttles, please visit