FMLA (Family and Medical Leave Act)

If you qualify, you can't be denied.

FMLA is a Federal Law.  

The FMLA entitles eligible employees of covered employers to take unpaid, job-protected leave for specified family and medical reasons with continuation of group health insurance coverage under the same terms and conditions as if the employee had not taken leave. 

Time taken under the Family Medical Leave Act of up to twelve (12) weeks will run concurrently with any paid and unpaid time, beginning with the first day of a qualified illness.

Example:  You have a baby and take 6 weeks of paid Maternity Leave, you experience complications related to your delivery and your physician adds another 2 weeks of time off.  This is paid time off under Serious Illness in your contract.  You would still be entitled to an additional 4 weeks of unpaid FMLA during the academic/fiscal year.  FMLA renews every 12 months.  Upon your return to paid status, you will be charged for your contribution toward healthcare for you and any dependents.  

If you are told by your administration that you are not eligible for FMLA, please contact Robin or Steve in the HOA Office X69205 and the matter will be investigated.