Parking Grievance Filed

Program Directors are to be surveyed.

The HOA filed a grievance related to the availability of designated P3 24/7 parking spots.  Historically, the union has negotiated a number of spots they allocate to the programs to assign to House Officers.  Since 2014, the HOA has had 376 spots in P3 to divide amongst programs.  With the growth of Graduate Medical Education to 1,286 House Officers and the addition of more and more programs, there have been no additional spots allocated by the Employer.

The HOA has received numerous requests for on-call and off-shift parking spots in P3, since the August 12 conversion of gold spots to patient parking, due to losing 280 blue spots in P4.  Prior to the unilateral implementation of these changes, the HOA filed a Demand to Bargain with Michigan Medicine leadership, which was denied.  Employee parking is a term and condition of employment and a mandatory subject of collective bargaining yet there was no negotiation or meaningful joint problem solving surrounding the issue.

All Program Director's are now being asked to provide information regarding your schedules, in the form of a survey, so that the administration (GME, Operations, and Labor Relations) might better understand what your parking needs really are.  Robin was recently asked what "on-call" actually meant.  A discussion about In-house call, overnight call, and home call ensued.  Off-shift parking is when programs assign House Officers to come in at odd hours such as 11 am or 3 pm, for which parking is particularly challenging.  Please make sure whomever is responsible for responding to the survey (Program Director's have been known to delegate these types of surveys) truly understands your needs.

2019 Parking Grievance