VPN Access through the VA

A "How To" guide for setting up access and troubleshooting any problems.

First, you MUST be at the VA and logged in to their system to set up remote access.  Click on the link below for the step by step guide. 

VA Remote Access Instructions

  • AD Account = Active Directory Account  = Network Account = this would allow the user to login to the VA system.
  • CPRS or Vista = Computerized Patient Record System = Patient Charting (notes).
  • VPN access expires after 30 days of no VPN login, but the actual account is still active and users can login from a VA workstation. Using any VA workstation users will be active if they login every 90 days. 

The timeline for CPRS and AD account status:

  1. New account or reactivated account: When a new account is created or reactivated users must login to both accounts (AD and CPRS)  within 30 days, otherwise the account will need to be reactivated. 
  2. Faliure to login within 90 days from last login
    1. CPRS will be "Disusered"
    2. AD will be inactive
  3. Faliure to login within 180 days from last login
    1. CPRS will be Terminated  
    2. AD will be Completely deleted

Who should you contact when you need assistance?  Helpful information and contacts for quick troubleshooting can be accessed through the link below.