Bill of Rights for Hospital Interns, Residents, & Fellows

Calling on the health care industry to improve conditions for all residents and fellows. Please sign the petition!

A New Reality is an initiative by the Committee for Interns and Residents (CIR) calling on the health care industry to recognize the following Bill of Rights for Hospital Interns, Residents & Fellows.  The CIR is a union representing 18,000 trainees across the country.

The HOA is working hard to negotiate your next contract with many of the same priorities in mind. See for more information and to sign the petition.

Bill of Rights for Hospital Interns, Residents & Fellows:

  1. A living wage that allows us to support our families and pay off our education debts. Employers that profit off of our labor must provide:
    • A living wage appropriate to our location
    • Subsidized housing or housing stipend
    • Family health insurance at not cost to the resident, with discretion about coverage we receive
    • Child care stipend for those with child dependents
  2. The right to provide the best care possible for our patients and act in the best interests of the communities where we live and work. The healthcare industry and lawmakers must commit to:
    • An increased effort to support diversity in residency programs and faculty appointments
    • Access to funds for improving patient safety through projects and research
    • Access to funs for community outreach
    • The ability to give physicians as much time as possible with out patients by strictly enforcing limits on non-physician work
  3. No more than 80 working hours per week, not as an average and including non-clinical tasks.
  4. Time off for being sick, access to parental leave and seeking health care without pressure to leave it unused.
  5. Recognition as full-time workers, giving us the ability to use our collective voices to advocate to employers and lawmakers for our patients and ourselves as workers, not as learners.
  6. Transparency, standardization, and due process from the institutions and employers that make key decisions about our careers and futures, especially:
    • Transparent standards and unbiased decision-making in GME
    • A fair process for airing and remedying grievances, without retaliation or bias
    • Standardized remediation plans and transparent remediation processes
    • The ability to hold our employers accountable
  7. Access to mental health services without scrutiny or stigmatization.
  8. Equal access to leaning and career development though:
    • Education and book stipends
    • Access to leadership roles on hospital committees
    • Reimbursement for board certifications and educational conferences
    • Time off for job interviews and conferences (outside of Continuing Medical Education/vacation days)
  9. Adequate hospital staffing and support, including the maintenance of back-up call schedules for every residency program.