Bargaining Update

Progress continues.

We made some progress earlier this week.  We have tentative agreements (TA's) on paid leaves (sick time, preventive care and an added personal day), additional paid time-off and reimbursement for Board exams, and recertification, and Grant Funding.  

We continue to disagree on orientation, holiday pay, parking, and a number of economic issues, including compensation, which hasn't been discussed in any real detail.  

We are very close to TA's on felony reporting, work hours and schedules which would require schedules to be posted 15 days in advance beginning in July 2020, and then 30 days in advance, beginning July 2021. 

The Employer owes the HOA a number of counter proposals for discussion and hopefully agreement, on March 16.  Negotiations will likely go until May 4.  We have assurances that we'll have everything wrapped up by then.