Your Disability Insurance Questions Answered

We have not figured out how to transmit a free sandwich through a video call, but you can still get your questions answered.

Due to the pandemic response Mike Flynn's monthly visit to the HOA lounge with free sandwiches are on hold. However, you can still get all your disability insurance questions answered. Please the following message from Flynn Benefits Group:

As the scope and complexity of COVID-19 pandemic deepens, Flynn Benefits Group is doing our best to act responsibly and still support you at a distance.

To review your benefits during training and portable options we would like to encourage you to use this link to schedule a time to discuss any questions.
(Alternate dates and times available upon request).

The HOA guaranteed issue disability plan allows zero contact with electronic application and policy delivery.

The path to protecting your income is quick and easy –

  • No Exam or Medical Records
  • E-Application
  • E-Policy Delivery

As we monitor the COVID-19 impact, we are making adjustments that allow us to continue to serve the HOA.

For the University of Michigan-HOA Disability Plan details, see your page at UM HOA Disability Plan or click here to view a video