HOA Prevails Over Parking

MERC orders return of 280 P4 parking spots.

On March 23, 2019, Robin Tarter, on behalf of the HOA, sent a demand to bargain over the planned changes to the P4 parking structure to Drs. Runge and Spahlinger.  After no response from either party, the Director of Labor Relations wrote to the HOA that the employer had no duty to bargain.  While we met and discussed parking, there was no bargaining.  

The HOA continued to hear from many Pediatric, and Med/Peds residents and fellows who were further disadvantaged by fewer spots being available in the P4 structure after the changes were unilaterally implemented.  We moved forward with the complaint to the Michigan Employment Relations Commission (MERC) as a result of the additional hardship the loss of 280 spots created.

Once Governor Whitmer lifts Executive Order 2020-21, colloquially called “Stay Home, Stay Safe,” the University has 30 days to appeal the recommended decision through the court system.

Below is an excerpt of the order that the University would sign.


  • WE WILL cease and desist from refusing to bargain collectively with the House Officers Association with respect to changes made to the P4 parking structure.
  • WE WILL take the following affirmative action to effectuate the purposes of the Act:
    • On request, bargain collectively with the Association as the exclusive collective bargaining representative of its employees.
    • Return the 280 Blue parking spots to P4.
    • Make whole the employees in the bargaining unit for any monetary losses they have suffered by reason of Respondent's unilateral removal of 280 Blue parking spots from P4, plus interest on these sums at the statutory rate, computed quarterly.
    • Post the attached notice to employees in conspicuous places on Respondent's premises, including all places where notices to employees are customarily posted, for a period of thirty (30) consecutive days.

The entire Order, with details from the hearing, are included via the link below.

Decision and Recommended Order