HOA Announces Slate of Candidates for 2020 Board Election

Election to be held from May 22, 2020, at 10 am through May 27, 2020, at 10 am.

There are ten candidates for the six representative-at-large positions. Voting members of the House Officers Association will receive ballots via email on Friday, May 22, 2020, at 10 am. The election will remain open until Wednesday, May 27, 2020, at 10 am.

Please read the call to action from next year's HOA president Victoria Hoch, and statements from each of this year's candidates. Good luck to all those who are running.

Downloadable Slate of Candidates


Victoria Hoch

Emergency Medicine

Traditionally, this platform is for me to present to you my vision for the HOA. As the incoming HOA president, this blurb should be about how I will work with the phenomenal residents and fellows of the HOA to make our union stronger and louder. This platform is for me to tell you how we will be your advocates: compensation, grievances, work environments. The HOA has fought for the residents and fellows of this university since 1972, and in truth, this gives me an easy job. I don't need to worry about how we'll continue to advocate or how the HOA will continue to be a strong, well-connected union that will be present throughout your training. We have been doing this for decades, and we will continue this for decades to come. As your HOA president, I have an easy job continuing a tradition of excellence and advocacy. 

Today, I'm writing for a call-to-action. 

The contract negotiations that have been on-going for the past few months have hit a significant obstacle. Your HOA bargaining team has spent hours each week trying to work with Michigan Medicine to develop a fair contract that appropriately recognizes the effort that every single one of us puts into being the "Leaders and the Best." 

We have tried. We've pointed out that Michigan Medicine is the number one hospital in Michigan (US News Report, 2019-2020). We've pointed out that the House Officers of this hospital consistently provide a source of income and profit for Michigan Medicine while also bearing the brunt of work hours responsible for that number one ranking (Journal of Graduate Medical Education, link). We have repeatedly asked the administration of Michigan Medicine to consider that by failing to negotiate a contract, they penalize the very work-force that makes Michigan Medicine great.

We have tried. We have advocated. We have been loud. Your HOA board and bargaining team have tried every week, since February, to have the administration of Michigan Medicine come to the table with a fair, reasonable offer. An offer that we can feel good about signing on your behalf, something that represents some small amount of financial security and appropriate compensation for the amount of time and effort you spend caring for the patients of this hospital. 

The reasons we're told for why we cannot be given a fair economic proposal come from a single truth: Michigan Medicine does not financially recognize that the House Officers of its system keep it the "Leaders and the Best."  

This is my call-to-action. 

Be loud. Advocate. Spread the word that Michigan Medicine is failing to negotiate a fair contract. Log your work hours honestly, so that we can show how hard the House Officers of Michigan Medicine work. Tell us how your training has been changed as the House Officers of Michigan Medicine respond to the COVID-19 pandemic and have prioritized patient care over your own training.  

The HOA has a tradition of excellence and advocacy. We are the House Officers of Michigan Medicine, and we deserve a contract. 

Hail to the victors. 

Victoria Hoch, MD
2020-2021 HOA President
PGY-3, Emergency Medicine
University of Michigan

Vice President

Sarah Bell


I am a rising PGY-4 in Obstetrics and Gynecology and am applying for the role of HOA Vice President. I have been an HOA board member for the past two years (and served as HOA Vice President this academic year) and would be honored to serve on the board for an additional year. If selected as Vice President, I will continue to advocate for resident well-being and cross-departmental collaboration and teamwork. I will also continue fight for residents at the (virtual) negotiations table and have a particular interest in fighting for fair finances, parking, parental leave, and treatment of house officers.Thank you for considering me!


Ruth Bickett-Hickok


Hello! I am a second-year anesthesiology resident, and I had the honor of serving as an HOA Representative during this year's contract negotiations. It has been rewarding to fight for residents' interests, such as increased base salaries, maintaining access to moonlighting opportunities, and improved parental leave. With my background in public relations and corporate communications, I am a passionate advocate for resident rights and well-being. I would be delighted to continue serving my fellow house officers through the Secretary position.


Johan Latorre


Hello! I am a third-year resident in PM&R and am currently a part of the HOA negotiations. We are currently working to obtain the best contract we can! After contract negotiations are completed, our mission still continues. There are multiple committees and meetings that affect us house officers, and a strong voice will be needed to champion our interests. With the experience of negotiations, I will be better equipped as an advocate for all HOs. Thank you for your vote!


Michelle Shnayder

Interventional Radiology

My name is Michelle Shnayder and I will be a PGY3 in the interventional radiology residency program in July. Throughout the last year, I have been an active member of the HOA Bargaining Team. Prior to the start of negotiations, I attended an Executive Leadership training through the Business School, acquiring valuable communication skills. I dedicated numerous hours preparing for and meeting with Hospital Administration to work towards a new HOA contract. Throughout this process, I have developed a deeper understanding of the concerns of house officers and offered solutions to many of these issues. I have built relationships with the administration on behalf of the HOA and plan to continue to build on those relationships. I am also currently serving as the Michigan Radiologic Society President-Elect. This position will expose me to issues facing residents across the country and help me to utilize the experiences of leaders from other institutions. I would be honored to serve as the HOA's next President-Elect and would continue to dedicate myself to be a strong leader and advocate for the HOA.


Tessa Adzemovic

Internal Medicine-Pediatrics

I am an internal medicine and pediatrics resident with a longstanding interest in systems improvement and advocacy. All of my training has been at Michigan. Because of that, I am deeply passionate about serving this hospital, this community, and serving on our HOA board.

My interest in advocacy started in college when I served on the student affairs committee for the Vice President of Student Affairs, where my main focus was working on creating a more inclusive climate on campus. In the middle of my third and fourth years of medical school I did a masters degree with my thesis project in quality improvement. In my last year of medical school, I was a member on the board for the design of the new clinical inpatient tower. I now feel compelled to serve on our HOA board, with the plan to contribute to a more unified voice across our residency programs.

Being a med-peds resident, I have a particular interest in advocating for our residents and their families and children, and, being the daughter of an architect, many questions of how the clinical inpatient tower can be better equipped to serve the labor force of this hospital. Though smaller, but still important, I would like to improve and increase communication of the HOA board with our residents, via its email communication and online profile. I hope to continue the work of past boards focused on fair wages, parking negotiations, and house officer wellness. Thank you for the opportunity.

Chloe Hedberg


I am a rising PGY-2 in OB/GYN and I am running for an HOA Representative position. I am new to the University of Michigan and Michigan Medicine, however, as a University of Minnesota medical student I served as the student council president, which provided me with the opportunity to develop leadership skills and serve as an advocate for my peers. This experience also gave me exposure to negotiations, curriculum changes, and mental health discussions with staff and faculty on behalf of the students. I am passionate about joining the HOA board because of the pride I feel in being a resident at this institution. I hope to have the opportunity to serve this union by advocating for your rights as physicians and learners. This includes your mental, physical and financial well-being in the coming year. I appreciate your support and thank you for your consideration. 

Kyle Johnson


Hello, I'm Kyle Johnson, a Urology HO-2, and I am asking for your vote to serve on the HOA board. Before medicine, I was a chemical engineer working for Bosch, wherein I was responsible for product sales to big-box retailers, raw material purchasing, and hiring new employees, among other duties. These responsibilities required significant negotiations and I intend to translate these skills on the HOA board to help further serve the house officer community. Michigan Medicine is a great place to train; in large part due to the work of prior HOA members. However, these are trying times and house officers are the lifeblood of this hospital. This hospital does not exist without us, and if elected my goal will be to protect our interests in a firm, yet fair, manner. Thank you for your consideration.

Nicole Marquand


Hello, my name is Nicole Marquand, and I would like to be one of your representatives within the House Officer Association. I am currently a second-year anesthesia resident, but arrived at the University of Michigan this past summer as I switched from a surgical residency in Phoenix. While there, I served in a similar position on their Surgery Residency Counsel and learned the value of collective decision making and negotiating. Having participated in two different residency programs, I feel I can bring a unique perspective and a broader understanding of the interests and demands of various specialties. The House Officer Association is one of the elements that sets our University of Michigan residencies apart from all others, and it would be an honor to participate in this process. Thanks for your consideration!

Arielle Schaffer-White

Internal Medicine-Pediatrics
(current HOA board member)

I joined the HOA board to address the systematic barriers to resident wellness. During this last year on the board I have participated in negotiations to advocate for what HOA members need—fair compensation, accessible parking, and a protected work environment. Continuity of HOA board members is critical if we want to make progress on these long-term goals. MedPeds residents work with residents from many departments, which sets me up well to represent many HOA members and advocate for your interests.

Erica Smith

(current HOA board member)

Hello! I'm a rising Med-Peds 4th year and have been honored to serve as an HOA representative over the last year during contract negotiations. I am excited for the opportunity to continue to represent house officers in the upcoming 2020-2021 year. As a Med-Peds resident, I am in close contact with residents from three different programs, as well as all consulting services. Not only does this unique position allow me to represent a large portion of house officers, but it has given me a firm understanding of my colleagues' needs and concerns. After spending the last year on the HOA board, I feel confident in acting as an effective liaison and advocate for my fellow residents to ensure we are able to train in a supportive and educational environment. Having an active board is vital, and I hope to be a part of this team. Thank you for the consideration- I appreciate your vote!

Meg Smith

General Surgery
(current HOA president)

I am currently a PGY-6 in General Surgery and am honored to have served as the HOA President for the past year. I have been an HOA board member for three years and have spent the past year advocating for house officers as we negotiate a new contract. COVID-19 has been difficult for all house officers and made negotiations challenging. However, after working alongside you for the past six years, and especially the past few months, I truly understand the value we bring to the MM organization. I am proud to work and train alongside all of you, and I remain committed to ensuring our value is appropriately recognized by Michigan Medicine. I would be honored to continue to serve as a HOA board member and employ my 6+ years of experience and institutional knowledge as a house officer to advocate for you.

Monica Thipparthi

Family Medicine

Hi everyone! I am a rising third year family medicine resident seeking a position within the House Officer Association. Especially during this pandemic, the importance of the HOA in ensuring resident safety, negotiating HO compensation, and maintaining resident rights has never been more evident. As residents, we have the most face-to-face contact with patients and place ourselves at more risk than many other staff members. We are indispensable to this health system and therefore need the same value of representation at the union level. I have many traits that would be ideal as a board representative; I am detail-oriented, personable, and excel at building relationships with people across all departments. As a family medicine resident, rotating through multiple specialties, I have the unique opportunity to understand the needs and demands of various groups in Mott and UH alike. On a practical level, I have leadership experiences serving as Vice President of my class throughout all four years of medical school, primarily serving as an interface between students and administration and being the collective voice of our student body. In addition, I believe it is extremely important to learn from other committees/unions outside of the UM system. I have existing relationships with members of the Henry Ford Hospital resident committee, which recently started negotiating hazard pay for all residents working as frontline workers. I have the experience needed to advocate for our needs effectively by building relationships within and outside of our hospital system. It is essential to foster these connections so we can learn and innovate effectively to best serve the UM community.

Aleah Thompson

Family Medicine

In such our current uncertain time, I find our HOA more important than ever. I believe I have a strong voice that can help us work towards our collective goals. COVID19 has turned our world upside down and has impacted all residents and fellows across both Michigan Medicine and the nation. I am thankful for such strong HOA leadership during this crisis to advocate for our well-being and fair labor laws, and want to be a part of these discussions moving forward. The current time is pivotal in staying strong with our bargaining efforts and standing up for what is right and just in the world of residents and education. As a family medicine resident, I think I am uniquely poised to have a sense of the common desires of residents and fellows given how broad our training is (ie we work in concert with IM, PEDS, EM, and more). Furthermore, I have a strong relationship with numerous residents in various departments as a result of our diverse training, which again, I think will help facilitate common goals. I have a substantial background in leadership within various organizations that I think would lend itself well to working within the HOA board. I am hoping to be considered for a board position to represent Michigan Medicine residents and the family medicine department specifically. Thank you for your consideration.

William Weir

Cardiac Surgery and Critical Care
(current negotiations team)

I am a rising PGY-6 in cardiac surgery and critical care, hoping to serve as an HOA board representative. I first became involved with the HOA during contract negotiations, spending this past year at the bargaining table. Now more than ever, the institution needs strong advocates for trainees and I hope to continue advocating as an elected board member. I feel strongly that house officers are well educated, highly trained professionals and as such deserve compensation, recognition, and support that reflects that.  As a union, we have the opportunity for real progress and it’s time to bring medical training into the 21st century.