Using Vacation to Offset an Existing Leave of Absence

You must notify your program by September 1, of your intention to use any portion of your vacation to offset a previously existing LOA during the current fiscal/academic year.

The deadline to submit the form required to forgo vacation time this academic year, in order to reduce an existing training extension, will be here before you know it. You must submit the form by September 1st.

  • The form is called: Request to Voluntarily Forgo Vacation Days to Reduce an Extension of Training Due to a LOA Form
  • It can be found on MedHub under: “Resident-Initiated Self Evaluation(s)”
  • This form only applies to the 2021/2022 academic year

This form only applies to existing training extensions. You may still work with your program to use vacation time instead of paid leave time, ahead of going on a leave of absence. That may help you avoid a training extension in the first place.

A leave of absence and related training extensions can often be confusing. Please see our FAQ for further details and the contract language that applies.

FAQ Article # 00ACZ
Using Vacation to Offset a Leave of Absence
You may use vacation to offset a training extension due to a leave of absence. There are many things to keep in mind and in some cases forms to complete and deadlines to meet.