Town Hall Top Four 12/18

The four things house officers might find interesting from the Michigan Medicine COVID-19 Town Hall on Dec 18, 2020.


If you have not already filled out the BlueQueue survey, do so as soon as possible. You should fill out the questionnaire even if you do not intend to get the vaccine at this time; this allows for a more complete dataset on which to base the prioritization models. If you change your mind after filling out the survey, you can do it again and change your answers.


We've gone from phases -- to sub-phases -- to tiers. They've split Phase 1a into Tiers 1, 2, and 3. Most house officers should fall into Tier 1 (ICUs, EDs, inpatient units) or Tier 3 (ambulatory and clinical areas not included in Tier 1, radiology, lab, etc.) If there are not enough vaccines in a shipment to cover everyone in a specific Tier, the invitations will be randomized. Once you get your invitation, it will stay open until you can schedule an appointment.

House Officer Scheduling

The HOA knows that scheduling anything is difficult for house officers. We've asked about unforeseen patient-care obligations that cause you to miss your appointment. Especially concerning is the second dose, which is to be administered 21 days after the first. While we have not received a direct answer to this question yet, they did address it tangentially in the Town Hall. They have received guidance on the actual range in which the second dose of the vaccine can be administered, which is between 17 days after the first dose and ASAP after day 21. So if you need to reschedule your second dose because you cannot make your appointment, it should not be a problem. The HOA has no information at this time on what the process will look like for rescheduling.

Why only 200 people this week?

You may have many colleagues at other institutions who have already received, or have been scheduled to receive, their vaccinations. Michigan Medicine aims to vaccinate 200 people this week and ramp up fully next week to 600 per day. During the Q and A, someone asked what the hold-up was here. When they began their answer, they talked about needing the extra week to plan and test the process. They then followed along with an answer that was a bit more convincing. The vaccine is packed and shipped in multiples of 975 doses. That means the minimum number of doses a single location could receive is 975. If a smaller hospital has around 900 people or less in Tier 1, they would have been able to schedule 100% of them immediately. U of M has many more employees which fit into Tier 1, and as such, many of you will have to wait until U of M's vaccine allotment ramps up in the coming weeks.