Holiday Pay Substitution

Make sure you have your schedule when making the substitution.

The HOA has learned that there is some confusion regarding holiday pay and the substitution language.  We encourage you to communicate with your program administrator (coordinator) to make sure the process is clearly understood.  We are not satisfied with this complicated language or that holiday pay is not automatic when you log hours into MedHub on one of the defined House Officer holidays. Unfortunately, we were unable to negotiate a better system or better language, but we continue to bring this to the Labor Management Committee as an issue of concern.   

Beginning July 1, 2021, you must have your schedule 30 days in advance so you will know whether you are scheduled to work a holiday, and if you are not scheduled to work, you can substitute the holiday for a day that you are working (twice) in order to receive holiday pay.

Once approved, you are responsible for notifying your administrator that you did work on the substituted holiday and this MUST happen within 60 days of the day you worked.  These days must be reported in MedHub.  If they are not, GME will deny your payment.


Any House Officer may substitute up to two (2) alternative days of their choice for any of the previously defined House Officer holidays within any twelve (12) month appointment period so long as the substitution request is made at least thirty (30) calendar days prior to the House Officer defined holiday selected for substitution or the day selected as the substitute, whichever is closer. Once a House Officer defined holiday has passed, it is no longer eligible for substitution. These substitutions will be mutually agreeable to the House Officer and their Program Director. That House Officer will be eligible for holiday pay if they have any assigned responsibilities by their training program on those agreed-upon substitute dates.


House Officers are responsible for ensuring work hours are reported within MedHub and must submit a notice of eligibility for holiday pay to their Program Director or designated program official within sixty (60) calendar days of a House Officer holiday when they were assigned responsibilities by their training program. The programs will then notify the Graduate Medical Education Office of those House Officers who are to receive holiday pay for a given House Officer holiday. The GME Office may deny payment of any House Officer Holiday Pay due to work hours not reflected in MedHub. Recording of work hours is not required when assigned as the individual to provide coverage should a colleague be unable to report to work (i.e. jeopardy or back-up). Any question regarding eligibility for holiday pay will be resolved by a House Officer's Program Director.

Once a substitution is approved by your PD, GME can only deny a Holiday Pay Substitution if your hours were not logged into MedHub.