Town Hall Top Three

Three things house officers might find interesting from the Michigan Medicine Town Hall on Feb 5, 2021.

Anti-racism Oversight Committee (AROC)

The AROC was formed last summer and is co-chaired by Phyllis Blackman, MBA, and David Miller, MD, MPH. The committee is responsible for identifying practices that contribute to racism and discrimination and recommending changes within Michigan Medicine. They are approaching the finalization of action plans and are currently developing a communication plan and beginning the implementation phase. The subcommittee action plans will be presented during the next few town halls.

There are six subcommittees:

  • Speak up / Show solidarity
  • Opportunities for  Conversation
  • Diversify the Workforce
  • Community Work
  • Advocacy and Professional Development
  • Education and Clinical Practice

The plans coming out of Education and Clinical Practice might be of particular interest to Hosue Officers. It's stated goal is, "Learners and educators in UME/GME/CME and graduate studies across Michigan Medicine and the Medical School should be competent and have access to curricula and best practices developed with expertise in intersectional framework and health justice."

New Federal and State Plans

With the new administration comes a new federal plan, and state plans are adapting. The new federal plan aims to increase the number of vaccines flowing toward states. They are also incorporating a more targeted approach on hard-to-reach and high-risk populations. They will be rolling out a public education and outreach initiative, and a surge of healthcare workers to help with the vaccine effort. Notably, many more large pharmacy chains will be allotted vaccine, helping doses get out into communities.

COVID Vaccination Sites

The Ford and Danto sites will be shutting down. The Michigan Stadium site will continue administering the Pfizer vaccine, and the Brighton location will have the Moderna vaccine. They've also started experimenting with taking the vaccine on the road, including actions at UM-Flint and UM-Dearborn, and going to the homes of UM patients who cannot travel.

We will see a shift in vaccine supply away from the major hospitals and towards public health departments. Providers should advise their patients to explore all options for vaccination, including the health department and pharmacy chains, and go where they can get in soonest.