Deadline for Submitting Holiday Pay Request

You have sixty (60) days.

While it seems like the December/January holidays were long ago, if you worked, you still have time to request holiday pay.  A holiday begins at 12:00 am and runs for 24-hours, so ANY part of the day qualifies, including if you are assigned back-up call and don't actually get called into the hospital.  In this situation, email your Program Administrator and remind them that you worked, but won't have any MedHub hours reported.

As a reference, the actual language is posted below:

In the event that a House Officer is assigned any responsibilities by their training program (including on-call, inpatient service coverage, clinics, rounding, jeopardy, home call, back-up, etc.) on a House Officer holiday they will receive an additional 1/365th of their annual salary as compensation. The House Officer will receive this compensation regardless of total number of hours worked or location. House Officers are eligible for holiday pay for each House Officer holiday worked throughout the year.

Your Program Administrator can help you with the identified process in your program/department for making the request.