Town Hall Top Four

Four things house officers might find interesting from the Michigan Medicine Town Hall on Mar 5, 2021.

New Tower Construction Resuming

The new hospital tower construction is restarting. Once the new tower is complete, they will look at starting a refresh and retrofit of University Hospital. Planning the final designs is a three-phase process. Phase one is complete, and the remainder of the planning will run through this August. The new inpatient tower is scheduled to be completed in Spring 2025.


The Education and Clinical Practice sub-committee from the Anti-racism Oversight Committee presented their action plan. The committee's stated goal is, "Learners and educators in UME/GME/CME and graduate studies across Michigan Medicine and the Medical School should be competent and have access to curricula and best practices developed with expertise in intersectional framework and health justice." The next three items come from thier presentation.

Cultural Humility and other Core Values to be incorporated into Interviews.

The term "Cultural Humility" has been defined at the medical school. It will be incorporated into the core values and applied to directed questions for medical student applicant interviews. Within the next six months, they will be incorporating these core values into applications and interviews for residents and fellows.

GME Diversity and Equity Committee

GME has instituted and is naming members to the GME Diversity and Equity Committee.

Reduction in the Use of Race-based Clinical Measurement Tools

The health system has already stopped using 6 or 13 race-based national standardized clinical measurement tools, with one to three more in the near future.