Employer Loses Appeal on Parking

Parking must be bargained.

As many of you recall, the Michigan Medicine administration made unilateral changes to parking in 2019.  These changes included moving Gold parking from P3 to P4, creating a shortage of parking for our members who typically parked in P4.  Historically, Michigan has seen all employee parking as being a permissive subject and not a mandatory subject of collective bargaining.  

The award came down from Judge Calderwood (an administrative law judge well acquainted with the HOA and Michigan Medicine Labor Relations) during the 2020 contract negotiations.  Following the order, the HOA was able to bargain language into the contract for all three of our parking programs - securing our 24/7 access to P3/P5 would remain at 388 (combined), vouchers would still be provided when you are assigned to return to the main medical campus from an off-site location for free exit, and that you would have access to P3 during after-hours and weekends.

Prior to this CBA, only two of the three programs were included in the contract, after hours/weekend access and providing vouchers for free exit.  Securing the language surrounding the accesses to P3/P5, was extremely important.  Unfortunately, bargaining over a subject doesn’t equate to actually getting what we want or the employer accepting our proposed language.  However, moving forward, this ruling does mean the employer must engage in good faith bargaining when it comes to parking.  

In May of each year, the HOA, through the Labor Management Committee, will be collaborating with the administration to assess how any adjustments might be made to the 24/7 Access program.  The real issue has always been that campus controls all parking, and the Employer's representatives do not understand the nuances of your schedules or wish to acknowledge that safe and accessible parking impacts your wellness.

Increasing visitor and patient parking remains the goal for Michigan Medicine administration.