Cardiac Surgery Quality Initiative

Looking for four volunteers from Cardiac Surgery and Anesthesiology.

There will be an overall Quality Committee responsible for oversight of the whole project (one volunteer).  The project involves video taping the actual surgery and learning from the interactions between the team of providers for area of improvement. There will be three subcommittees (a volunteer for each is being requested) as follows:

(1) CAScADE-QI workgroup: Sterile Preparation

(2) CAScADE-QI workgroup: Pre-Induction Verification & Pre-Incision Timeouts

(3) CAScADE-QI workgroup: Initiation of Bypass

It is anticipated that the groups will meet on an as-needed basis, and that the meeting dates/times will be decided upon once the members are known and they can compare availability.

If interested, please contact the HOA through the link below.

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