Supporting the PRO Act

The PRO Act provides protections for workers' labor rights.

If the labor movement and workers' rights are important things to you, consider supporting the PRO Act. The bill has passed the House of Representatives and has moved over to the US Senate. Both Michigan Senators support the act, but if you are from another state, or are moving to one, find out if they support it as well; then take action to contact that senator.

What is the PRO Act?

  • Overrides the anti-union laws that are often called "right-to-work" laws. These laws allow people to get all the advantages of the union contract without joining or paying dues. The PRO Act gives unions the option to collect dues or representation fees to cover the cost of collective bargaining and administration of the contract.
  • It would be illegal for an employer to interfere with a unionization attempt by their workers.
  • Establishes fines that could be levied on companies that violate your workers' rights.
  • Prevents an employer from determining terms and conditions of employment based on an employee's immigration status.

It also would allow unions to seek arbitration and mediation when bargaining their first contract. After employees vote to unionize they often have trouble negotiating an agreement with management, much like our Physician Assistant siblings here at U of M. This law would allow for arbitration, instead of the employer just imposing their last-best-final offer. If you see a PA let them know that you support their efforts.