Town Hall Top Three

Three things house officers might find interesting from the Michigan Medicine Town Hall on March 19, 2021.


COVID cases are rising, which creates some uncertainty in the weeks ahead. We are moving into Phase 1c. Vaccine supply to the hospital is slow. Work for equitable vaccination continues so that most affected communities get fair access to the vaccine and information, including taking into account race and ethnicity.


Research labs will expand capacity in April, and Tier 3 human research studies can resume after applying for reactivation.

Recharge Rooms

There is a pilot program for new "recharge rooms" running through April 5th. Feedback from the pilot will help to improve the rooms before opening to all faculty, staff, and learners.

There are ten sensory scenes with various visuals, music, and lighting to encourage relaxation. You must social distance and wear a mask while using the rooms. There is no food or drink allowed.

Room Locations:

CW 7-321 Capacity 5
Med Inn C626 Capacity 3
CVC 5331A Capacity 4