Submit a Proposal for the People's Budget

The All Campus Labor Council is soliciting ideas for the People's Budget, the community's view on how the University should be spending its money.

Please see this message from the All Campus Labor Council Anti-austerity Committee:

We are happy to say that last week’s People’s Regents Meeting was a stunning success for our shared participatory budgeting process, and we are glad that you are able to be a part of it! 

During the meeting, we introduced the topic of participatory budgeting and our plans to run a pilot participatory budgeting process over the next few months. Participants of the People’s Regents Meeting discussed and voted on how we would decide which proposals to fund if we increased the university’s endowment spending by 1%, which translates to roughly $92 million.  After a great discussion on the pros and cons of different voting options, a majority of people voted for option 1, where everyone who votes will have a sum of $92 million to allocate between all of the proposals. We also heard a lot of good ideas for how to change this voting process to ensure that it’s equitable and easy to use! We will revisit this voting process and discuss the many great proposals we receive in our next People’s Regents meeting in May (date TBD). RSVP now for the next People’s Regents Meeting

You can find the full presentation slides from the March People’s Meeting here with a list of solidarity actions to take in support of staff, UPAMM, LEO, and student organizing.  And check out our coverage in the Michigan Daily.  

Next steps: 

Submit a proposal! The proposal submission period is now open. You can submit a proposal as an individual, with your organization, or through joining an existing organizing pod. Proposals can be submitted at

Get involved! If you were looking to be more involved in the process by either joining a pod or by helping to plan the process and our next People’s Regents Meeting, connect with us using this quick form and we will follow up with you soon! 

Spread the word! Invite your friends, colleagues, and organizations to join in participatory budgeting and RSVP for the next People’s Regents meeting at

ACLC Anti-austerity Committee