Constitution Vote and Survey

Watch for a link in your Inbox next Monday. Additional information is provided in this article.

It’s been almost a year since the current collective bargaining agreement was ratified by the membership.  We'd like to know how the employer is doing with implementation of the new provisions and learn where improvement is needed.  Please, take 5 minutes next week to let us know how things are going.                                                                            

The first question is a binding vote on a proposed amendment to the HOA's constitution. The amendment seeks to increase the number of representatives-at-large on the Board from 6 to 10 and update all related articles in the Constitution to reflect the change. The amendment originated from and was unanimously approved at the last Board meeting.

The survey link will be sent to you on Monday, April 5, and remain open until Monday, April 12. Thank you for your participation in both the vote and the 5 minutes survey.