New HOA Board

Remember to thank those who stepped up!

We have an uncontested ballot this year.  This is not surprising given the increased representation (10 representatives at-large) and how burned out everyone is by the latest redeployment and lingering pandemic.

This means there will be no HOA Board election at the end of the month. With the increased number of representatives, and having ten volunteers seek positions, everyone who volunteered is automatically elected!  Below are the candidate statements so you can learn a little bit more about your colleagues who will be representing you beginning July 1.. 



Michelle Shnayder-Adams

Interventional Radiology

Dear HOA Members,

As residents, we are a vulnerable workforce that can easily be taken advantage of. We need a strong communal voice to speak out against injustice, and as the new HOA President, I would like you all to know that your HOA board has your back. We will continue to fight to improve the benefits and lives of all our members, so please feel comfortable reaching out if an issue arises.

This year has continued to have unforeseen challenges and house officers have persistently stepped up to lead Michigan Medicine through the pandemic. Everyone’s hard-work and commitment to patient care is incredible, and I am truly proud to work with such amazing colleagues.

With gratitude,


Kyle Johnson


I’m Kyle Johnson and a rising HO4 in urology. This past year I had the opportunity to work with the HOA and other residents within the HOA as a representative. It was (and still is) a trying time. Through all of this we all showed grit and grace while helping our community at large. It was a privilege to work alongside you, and I am excited to see what our future holds. We are the backbone of this hospital. We are not to be taken advantage of. The HOA continues to unify our diverse, rich collective against various barriers. I am confident that when we continue to work together, we will enrich our health system, improve patient care, and improve our well-being.

Vice President

William Weir

Thoracic Surgery

I am a rising PGY-7 in thoracic surgery and have had the privilege to represent my fellow residents at the negotiation table and throughout this past academic year.  Over the past year, we have continued to prove our value to the health system time and again.  I believe that we are highly educated professionals and should be afforded the respect and support to match it.  I would be honored to continue representing house officers across all departments as an executive board member in the coming year.  Now more than ever, we need strong leaders pushing for continuous improvement in our training environment.


Tessa Adzemovic

Med Peds

I am an internal medicine and pediatrics resident and had the honor of serving as an HOA Representative during this past year. 

In what was an incredibly unique year both for the world but more directly house officers, the board has had the task of working on both new issues that have come up as part of the pandemic, such as redeployment and hazard pay, as well as old issues, including holiday pay, scheduling, and parking grievances. It has been a distinct privilege to advocate for my friends and colleagues during these discussions. 

Because my prior training has exclusively been at Michigan,  I am deeply passionate about serving this hospital, this community, and serving on our HOA board. In this next year, I hope to continue to advocate for unified yet diverse voices on our HOA leadership and membership.  

I would be delighted to continue serving my fellow house officers through the Secretary position. Thank you for the opportunity.


Johan Latorre


Hello! I am a fourth-year resident in PM&R and am looking forward to continuing my role as treasurer. I was a member of the team that negotiated the current contract. After contract negotiations are completed, our mission still continues. There are multiple committees and meetings that affect us house officers, and a strong voice will be needed to champion our interests. With the experience of negotiations, I will be better equipped as an advocate for all HOs.


Emily Ager

Emergency Medicine

Hello, University of Michigan House Officers! My name is Emily Ager and I am a rising PGY-2 in the Department of Emergency Medicine. I am thrilled by the opportunity to serve on the House Officers Association Board as a representative. Originally from Oregon, I found a love for the Midwest after attending college in Minnesota. After completing medical school at OHSU, it is a dream to be at the University of Michigan for residency. The presence of a strong HOA weighed heavily in my decision to choose UMich for residency. I have the experience and skills to effectively advocate for and advance the concerns of our members; I am a trained community organizer, with hands-on experience in relationship building, strategy development, and using available resources to bring needed change. I have worked on many organizing campaigns, including in graduate school when I helped organize a series of collective actions with our graduate student union. These efforts led to the successful negotiation of a complete contract agreement with the university. As a PGY-1, I have already found ways to engage in the UMich community, including involvement in the EM residency committee, EM orientation planning committee, UMHS Pain Management Committee, as well as curating the EM Instagram account. Finally, as an Emergency Medicine resident, I regularly interact with residents from other specialties, and will be well-positioned to identify concerns within our community. As your HOA representative, I will ensure the granular needs of our House Officers are elevated and addressed, so that we may continue to provide the highest quality of care to our patients. Thank you for your consideration.

Matt Basinger

Emergency Medicine

Over the past year the pandemic has amplified multiple systemic issues that we house officers face daily in our practice, and as a prospective HOA board member and rising PGY-2 Emergency Medicine resident, I promise to fight for the concerns of house officers. Our autonomy, roles, and safety during the pandemic have been continuously tested, and we need to continue advocating for fair compensation during work on the COVID frontline, including hazard pay, and to ensure house officers are prioritized in the event of a COVID booster vaccine rollout. The lack of overnight food options, cut over the past year, directly impacts our wellness on long shifts and needs to be reinstated. I also aim to fight for LARA licensing renewal reimbursement to be included in our contract. If elected, I promise to listen to and advocate for the rights of residents, and to be an impartial representative for all specialties at the bargaining table. It would be an honor to advocate on the behalf of fellow house officers to ensure our compensation and benefits match our value.

Joshua Breeden


I am seeking nomination to the HOA Board, because I want to represent the interests of my fellow House Officers. I will bring a measured voice to the Board and cooperate with other Board members to problem solve. I have experience working with medical school and hospital administration from my time as a representative of my medical school’s Academic & Professionalism Committee, wherein I stood up for students during a curriculum remodel and addressed the power dynamic between administration/faculty and my fellow students in professionalism and academic misconduct hearings. It would be my pleasure to represent the HOA and continue to advocate for my peers.

Ilana Fischer


I would be honored to serve on the HO Board- at Michigan we are lucky to have a representative body that ALL residents should have, and I would love the opportunity to help advocate for our collective position alongside my colleagues. My priorities include ensuring that resident work policies align with and support safe patient care, standard practice, and resident well-being. I would relish the chance to work with my colleagues across departments to hear what issues are most pressing. I think our mission, as a strong union of a tertiary medical center, with one of the largest resident pools in the country, should be to establish new standards of resident compensation, well-being, and wellness, rather than be satisfied with current standards that are accepted due to historical precedent. I think our colleagues within the HOA have excelled at pushing this mission forward, and I would love to be there with them.

Michael Harper


Advocating for trainees is something I’ve always been passionate about. Through various positions at prior institutions, I have personally led discussions with senior hospital faculty to draw attention to trainee mistreatment and shape reforms related to the structure of feedback and evaluations. I have also negotiated and achieved improvements in parking allocations and curriculum structure for medical trainees. The HOA is one of the biggest perks of our program, and I want to use my experience to continue advocating for the quality of life and wellbeing of our residents and fellows.

Matthew Grzywinski

Emergency Medicine

I am eager to serve as a House Officer Association Board Member. I grew up in Pittsburgh where many members of my family were employed as steelworkers and teachers. My family benefited significantly from union membership and collective bargaining in the steel industry and public school system. When I interviewed for emergency medicine residency positions, I was impressed by the success of the University of Michigan HOA at securing fair compensation and creating a positive learning/work environment. I plan to build on the hard-won success of the HOA to ensure residents work in a supportive environment and are well compensated for the first-rate medical care they provide. The COVID pandemic has exposed many flaws in the healthcare system. My experience in the emergency department during the pandemic has given me insight into workplace safety, fair compensation, and equitable care which I feel will be valuable as we continue to struggle with COVID and transition into the aftermath of the pandemic.

Trishul Kapoor


I was previously a resident at the Mayo Clinic (Rochester) in the general surgery program. I experienced various levels of work hour violations, pay reduction, and dangerous work place exposures. However, we simply did not have any fair representation for residents in the GME office. After I transitioned into the anesthesiology program at the University of Michigan, I could not have been more impressed at the HOA's involvement in productively representing residents in every aspect of their wellbeing. If given the opportunity, it would be an honor to serve on the HOA board and help progress resident representation.

Kathryn Krukowski


Candidate Statement: Residency, the hours, and the physical and emotional demands that come with a trainee are difficult. Gratefully, we train at an institution that honors a union and allows concerns to be heard. We can all acknowledge that the “little wins” make our world a bit better when the days are tough. These wins, like holiday pay, parental leave, & meal allowance are not guaranteed. It is up to us, collectively, to voice these necessities and advocate for our well deserved benefits & much more each year. With the many changes that arose amidst COVID, we as house officers had to transition to a new way of work and education with many sacrifices. A lot of these sacrifices have yet to be mended. As a nominee, I vow to echo the desires and frustrations of my fellow house officers. I plan to push boundaries of the unpopular opinion. With my tenacious demeanor, if nominated, I will serve our union relentlessly to pursue equitable outcomes.

Joseph Linzey


I’m submitting an application to become a member of the HOA Board because I am passionate about fighting for equality and optimal working conditions for residents. As a neurosurgery resident, I will be a resident at Michigan Medicine for another 5 years and have the longevity to see improvement projects and initiatives through to completion. I am accessible and open to feedback to allow me to understand the needs of residents across the institution. I’m committed to working to continue to improve conditions for residents as we voice concerns and initiatives to administration.

Elizabeth Southworth


As residents, we walk the fine line between learners and employees. Our individual experiences in residency are varied and specialty specific, however, we all must meet requirements set by external entities. As a leader of the American Medical Association's Committee on Medical Education as a medical student I learned the key players in academic medicine and how to advocate through policy for learners. Now, on the AMA Resident and Fellows Section Committee on Medical Education I work to advocate for learners access to required learning experiences during the COVID-19 pandemic as well as proactively advocate for equitable changes to testing and licensing for all specialties. As a member of the HOA Board I will work to ensure our rights as learners are upheld and proactively work to address future impacts to the learning environment. Prior to medical school, as a high school teacher, I was a local representative for the Teachers Union which has given me experience that I will call upon while on the HOA Board. I will utilize what I have learned in the AMA and as a former educator to ensure our learning opportunities continue to make University of Michigan an excellent institution for training. Thank you for considering to vote for me for this important position.