Take Action: Early Leasing Ordinance

Email your Ann Arbor City Councilperson to Demand they support the Early Leasing Ordinance!

Like students at U of M, House Officers' lives operate on the academic schedule. Many of you who rent might get caught needing to make a decision on whether to renew a lease well before you are ready. In addition, the current situation causes much of the available housing stock to be locked up 10 months out of the year, limiting options for incoming house officers. Even if you own a home and are unaffected by this issue, please stand in solidarity with our union siblings at the Graduate Educators Organization who are pushing for a fix to this problem.

Please see this message from GEO:

Take action to support changing the Early Leasing Ordinance and defending renters’ right to renew! Ordinance 8:530 prevents a landlord from showing a unit publicly, or leasing a unit to a new tenant for the earliest portion of a lease. In theory, this would prohibit the unfortunately common trick of forcing a tenant to make a hurried and uninformed decision to re-sign, under threat of losing their housing. However, the current law only protects the tenant for the first 70 days of their lease, meaning that many renters are still forced to gamble on their housing nearly 10 months in advance. Often, this is combined with the threat of an extortionary rent-hike at the first opportunity.

The proposed Early Leasing Ordinance gives renters a “right to renew” for the first 210 days of their lease (for 1-year leases), providing renters much more time to evaluate their housing options, solidify future employment/education plans, and make a fully-informed decision to either remain in their unit or move elsewhere. Visit the action network page for this issue to send an email to city councillors and the mayor expressing your support for the ordinance.