COVID-19 Vaccine Requirement

HOA Response

By now you have either read the announcement requiring COVID-19 vaccines for all University of Michigan students and employees or heard about it from your colleagues.  As healthcare professionals and leaders in healthcare, you know well that the vaccine is the most effective tool we have for fighting COVID-19. 

As a union, the Association’s mission has always been to advocate for a professional and safe workplace where neither patient care nor the well-being of our resident and fellow physicians is compromised.  The vaccine requirement supports that mission, and the union supports the University in making this difficult decision.  

Employees who refuse to get vaccinated without an approved exemption will be subject to discipline.  This is no different than the policy associated with the flu vaccine.

The HOA shared our public position on the vaccine last February and are asking that all of our members, especially our new members, review the statement and please do what you can to encourage everyone in your sphere of influence to get vaccinated.

Thank you,

The University of Michigan

House Officers Association Board