80 House Officers to be Reimbursed

Defaulted to "smoker" for Optional Life Insurance.

It was found that our members who did not identify their status as non-smoker upon enrollment for the additional life insurance wer automatically defaulted to the higher smoker status rate.  Following default enrollment, individuals receive notification of their smoker status, and are given the opportunity to modify their smoking status if necessary.  

Beginning in 2018, a programming problem occurred that reverted some of our members back to smoker status after they had made their non-smoker status modification.  This problem included 80 House Officers.  These individuals have received an email notification regarding the error, and a refund for their cost difference has been added to the September pay.  

Thanks to the persistence of a couple of our members (Drs. Jon Cunha and Samantha Savitch), the HOA was able to persuade HR leadership to look into the issue.  The HOA is always happy to pursue these types of issues on behalf of our members.