Work Environment Woes

Share your concerns with us.

As many of you know from the HOA newsletter, your work environment concerns are important to us, and we want to hear from you. The HOA has been invited to make a "wish list" of facility-related issues that we would like to see addressed in the new Pavilion and potentially renovations to the Children and Women's hospital and UH. No promises have been made, accept to listen, which is the first step in problem-solving.

From closets that have been turned into overcrowded work rooms to not having access to work spaces that you're supposed to (no available keys, no card reader, etc.) to no assigned call room where you can rest and mitigate fatigue, we want to hear all about it and would appreciate your attached photos. Maybe seeing will help strengthen our case for adequate spaces for all house officers to work, learn, eat and rest.

Please share your stories (anonymously of course) and the issues you share will be brought forward.

Please use the HELP link located at the bottom right of the HOA website to share you concern(s) or suggest changes that would improve the current working/learning environment  The deadline to send is January 7 at 5 pm.