Facility Concerns

A brief update.

The HOA has received multiple work environment complaints related to space issues and cleanliness.  All the cleanliness issues have been resolved.  If you're having issues get an area cleaned, don't wait for months to express your concern.  The sooner we know about these things, the quicker they will be addressed.

Work environment issues related to a lack of space and poor planning is a tougher issue. We completely understand the feelings of disbelief at the current situation in the NICU team room.  The tone deaf signage regarding social distancing just makes it worse.  Karen Amman, the HOA's Administrative Liaison, has assured us that the issue is being addressed by departmental leadership and that there will be conversations with the Pediatric and Med./Peds residents. We know it is frustrating for you to see that the APP's have an appropriate work environment and you do not. 

Please continue looping the HOA in when you need assistance or have a concern related to the work environment.