New HOA Board

We are pleased to announce the 2022-2023 HOA Board.


Kyle Johnson

HO4 » HO5

As the incoming HOA president, I want to share the HOA’s vision for the upcoming year as I work alongside the best staff and house officers to strengthen our union. Since 1972, the HOA has fought for residents and fellows employed by the University of Michigan. There is a long-standing precedent of advocacy: financial compensation, fighting unfair labor practices, and ensuring a safe environment for our members to work. This precedent will continue. 

However, this upcoming year is the most important in our union’s history. We will negotiate a new 3-year contract as our current contract expires June 2023.

A lot has changed since our last 3-year contract.

An ongoing global pandemic swept through the nation and our lives. We all have an empty seat at the table that once was occupied by family and/or friends. We continued to work, and the house officers shouldered the brunt of the care for patients. Our training unfairly took a back seat. House officers were and still are the front line. Our compensation and benefits were not commensurate with our efforts. 

Inflation is at an all-time high. Our compensation and benefits fail to keep up. In the simplest example our cafeteria prices are on a runaway train while our meal allowances (if your department provides them) remain woefully stagnant. The administration has failed to make a meaningful change despite over a year of “discussions.”

More consistently than not, Michigan Medicine has failed to make punctual, appropriate, and positive changes in the favor of house officers. They prefer to work in the opposite direction. Work was unpaid. Holiday pay was not recognized. Fellow house officers have been placed on probation or fired under the guise of “academic misconduct.” The phase “leaders and the best” often does not extend to house officer treatment by the administration.

To ensure we can negotiate a stronger contract for the next three years I need the help of everyone.

  • Be kind to your fellow humans. Especially your co-house officers. We are a team, and our jobs are difficult.
  • Join the union. Find your colleagues who are not in the union. Encourage them to join. Reach out to the HOA, we are happy to help.
    • 100% participation builds strength as a unified front.
    • Lawyer fees, negotiations, and representation are not free. The monthly dues commitment is minimal. I promise the benefits far outweigh the costs.
  • Be honest. Log your hours and time off honestly. Show everyone how hard we work. Document the additional responsibilities that are added, especially when they jeopardize your training. (Ex: patient phone calls once handled by RN, transporting patients in the hospital, etc.)
  • Advocate. Don’t be afraid to speak out when injustices occur. Let the HOA help.
  • The HOA is committed to negotiating a fair, deserving contract and I will do my part as the lead negotiator.  I am confident that, if we continue to work together, we will reach all our goals.

Hail to the victors.

Kyle Johnson, MD
2022 – 2023 HOA president
PGY4, Urology
Michigan Medicine


Matthew Basinger

Emergency Medicine
HO2 » HO3

The pandemic has amplified and exposed multiple systemic issues that we house officers face daily in our practice. As a current HOA representative and rising PGY-3 Emergency Medicine resident, I promise to advocate for the rights of house officers as your potential President-Elect. Our autonomy, roles, and safety have been continuously tested. We need to continue pressuring the administration for fair compensation during work, including hazard pay and jeopardy coverage, and prioritizing wellness. I aim to create an environment where contract breaches are quickly noticed, followed up on, and managed, such as this past year when vacation days were impacted by scheduling, as well as following up on reconciliation for lost vacation time.

We are entering a contract negotiation year. We need to campaign for higher pay that mirrors the rate of inflation and cost of living in Ann Arbor and include desperately needed language in our re-negotiated contract, including improved meal allowance allocation. If elected, I promise to listen to and promote the rights of residents. I will be an impartial representative for all specialties at the bargaining table. It would be an honor to represent fellow house officers to ensure our compensation and benefits match our value.

Vice President

William Weir

Thoracic Surgery
HO7 » HO8

I am a rising PGY-8 in thoracic surgery and have had the privilege of serving as an executive board member and representing house officers at the negotiating table. Since our last contract, the house officers have continued to prove their worth to the health system, rising to the occasion time and again. As we enter our next round of negotiations, I would be honored to continue representing house officers and prioritizing the shared interests of all trainees. Having experience across several departments and many years of institutional knowledge, I’m uniquely positioned to advocate for all house officers in what is sure to be a critical year for our future.


Tessa Adzemovic

Med Peds
HO3 » HO4

I am an internal medicine and pediatrics resident and had the honor of serving as HOA Secretary during this past year.

This will be my third year serving the HOA - a role I have been delighted to fill. Because my prior training has exclusively been at Michigan, I am deeply passionate about serving this hospital, this community, and serving on our HOA board. In this next year, I hope to continue to advocate for the unified yet diverse voices of our membership.

This next year is extraordinarily important given it is a negotiations year. I look forward to protecting and adding to the important and critical parts of our contract: such as re-deployment, hazard pay, maternity and paternity leave, holiday pay, scheduling, parking, and more.

It would be a distinct privilege to continue serving my fellow house officers through the Secretary position. Thank you for the opportunity.


Ilana Fischer

HO3 » HO4

I am honored to continue to serve on the HOA Board. At Michigan, we are lucky to have a representative body that ALL residents should have, and I'm looking forward to continuing to advocate for our collective position alongside my colleagues. My priorities include ensuring that resident work policies align with and support safe patient care, standard practice, and resident well-being. Thus far, we have advocated for better resident accounting and allocation of space for the new inpatient tower, and are preparing for the next round of negotiations. As a strong union at a tertiary medical center with one of the largest resident pools in the country, I think our mission should be to lead the way in resident compensation and workplace standards. I'm pleased to be able to continue my advocacy and take on the role of HOA Treasurer.


Emily Ager

Emergency Medicine
HO2 » HO3

Hello University of Michigan House Officers! My name is Emily Ager and I am a rising PGY-3 in Emergency Medicine. I am thrilled to serve a second year as a Representative on the House Officers Association Board. In my first year as a Representative, I advocated for expanding food options in UH, making voter registration and Election Day voting more accessible to House Officers, compensating House Officers appropriately for additional time worked during Covid surges, and ensuring that Holiday Pay is dispersed in a timely fashion. It has been an honor to represent the voices of our House Officers, and I look forward to continuing to advance the concerns of our members over the next year. As an Emergency Medicine resident, I regularly interact with residents from other specialties, and will be well-positioned to identify concerns within our community. I am also a trained community organizer with hands-on experience in relationship building, strategy development, and using available resources to bring needed change. As your HOA representative, I will ensure the granular needs of our House Officers are elevated and addressed, so that we may continue to provide the highest quality of care to our patients. 

Joshua Breeden

HO4 » HO5

As an HOA Board member, I will continue my efforts to represent the interests of my fellow House Officers. Through my time as a Board member, I have gained an important perspective regarding the relationship between house officers and the hospital administration. It is crucial that we continue to advocate for ourselves on issues such as pay, parking, meal allowances, parental leave, dedicated house officer workspaces, call room upkeep, and other matters that affect house officers. As a standing Board member, I bring experience to the HOA Board, which will be of utmost importance as we undergo contract negotiations in the coming year. I will continue to bring a measured voice to the Board and cooperate with other Board members to problem solve. It is a pleasure to represent the HOA and continue to advocate for my peers.

Matthew Grzywinski

Emergency Medicine
HO3 » HO4

I am eager to continue to serve as a House Officer Association Board Member. I grew up in Pittsburgh where many members of my family were employed as steelworkers and teachers. My family benefited significantly from union membership and collective bargaining in the steel industry and public school system. When I interviewed for emergency medicine residency positions, I was impressed by the success of the University of Michigan HOA at securing fair compensation and creating a positive learning/work environment.

I look forward to applying my experience as an HOA board member in contract negations this upcoming year to ensure residents work in a supportive environment and are well compensated for the first-rate medical care they provide. The COVID pandemic has exposed many flaws in the healthcare system. During the pandemic, my experience in the emergency department has given me insight into workplace safety, fair compensation, and equitable care. This insight will be valuable as we continue to struggle with COVID and transition into the aftermath of the pandemic.

Michael Harper

HO2 » HO3

Advocating for trainees is something I’ve always been passionate about. Through various positions at prior institutions, I have personally led discussions with senior hospital faculty to draw attention to trainee mistreatment and negotiate improvements to curricula and grading structures. I have continued these efforts since joining our HOA, working to identify contract violations and challenge university officials to uphold their legal obligations. Notable efforts include:

  • Advocating for additional pay for house officers pulled into non-educational roles due to the COVID-19 pandemic.
  • Highlighting unsafe working conditions and challenging the administration for sensible improvements
  • Defending house officers’ right to representation on curriculum and scheduling committees

The HOA is one of the biggest perks of our institution, and I look forward to utilizing my experience to defend our rights and advocate for further improvements.

Sarah Jamali

Emergency Medicine
HO2 » HO3

Throughout my training, I have aimed to prioritize the mental, emotional, and physical health of my teammates and colleagues to the best of my abilities. I am incredibly grateful to have always had the HOA to refer to when advocating for us all. I'm happy to be part of the HOA Board and further the union's mission to support and advocate for residents on an institution-wide scale. As residents, we have some of the most rewarding but challenging healthcare roles. We deserve to be represented by an organization and a board that can vouch for our needs and concerns so that we can care for our own wellbeing as well as our patients’ wellbeing. I look forward to the coming year!

Trishul Kapoor

HO3 » HO4

My name is Trishul Kapoor, and I am currently a resident in the Department of Anesthesiology at the University of Michigan Medicine. I have had the privilege of being an HOA representative from 2021-2022. My involvement has been focused on foodservice vendor agreements, holiday pay, and Labor Management Committee negotiations. I have also been elected to the Executive GME Committee to represent house officer interests. It is an honor and privilege to have the opportunity to continue to represent the interests of Michigan Medicine house officers.

Kat Krukowski

HO2 » HO3

As we transform to a new normal of living in the pandemic, working in this new era has had many challenges. Not only do the grueling hours, and physical and emotional demands of residency remain ever-present, many were asked to step into additional roles and jeopardized to services where educational and wellness sacrifices were made. Our board has made efforts to voice the need to compensate for this, and I will continue to do so. We can all acknowledge that we house officers are in a unique position. Small things like higher meal allowance, allocated workspace, and additional parking, add up to make a big difference. It is up to us, collectively, to voice these continued necessities and advocate for our well-deserved benefits. I vow to echo the desires and frustrations of my fellow house officers. I plan to continue pushing the boundaries of the unpopular opinion and voice our perspective to pursue change now and for better benefits for future generations.

Sam Schuiteman

Internal Medicine
HO1 » HO2

For three years prior to medical school, I worked in Congress advising different members on health and labor issues; as part of the HOA Board, I will bring that experience to the table as we continue to bargain for improved pay and benefits for residents. We are the workforce of the hospital, and we are too often asked to do more with less. I look forward to working with the Board as we work to make sure resident pay is commensurate with inflation, benefits are protected and expanded, and that residents from all programs are heard and represented.

Saad Shamshair

HO2 » HO3

I have long been an advocate for increasing rights and representation, whether through being a class rep as a resident, on advisory councils, or in my role in student government. I am a huge proponent of collective bargaining, staying up to date on important events, and doing the hard work of advocating for expanding residents' rights and benefits where ever possible. I'm looking forward to being part of the HOA Board and doing the hard work that needs to  be done on behalf of residents here at the University of Michigan.

Elizabeth Southworth

HO2 » HO3

As residents, we walk the fine line between learners and employees. Our individual experiences in residency are varied and specialty-specific, but we all share a desire for work-life balance and professional development. As a member of the HOA Board this past year, I have enjoyed advocating for residents on the GME Wellness Committee, where we focus on developing tools for all programs to utilize to support their residents. I will continue to work to ensure our rights as learners are upheld and proactively work to address future impacts to the learning environment and resident wellbeing. As a leader in the AMA Resident and Fellows Section, I bring an awareness of GME issues on a national level and can provide perspective gained from working with residents across the country.