Agreement for Paid Caregiver Leave

A memorandum of understanding (MOU).

Language surrounding paid Caregiver Leave, versus unpaid Federal Medical Leave Act (FMLA) has been agreed to.  If anyone has an immediate need for paid Caregiver Leave and your program isn't able to assist you, please contact the HOA.

The ACGME Institutional Requirements were revised in 2022 to specify that institutions must provide residents and fellows with a minimum of six weeks of approved medical, parental, and caregiver leave(s) of absence, at least once during their residency or fellowship program. The Sponsoring Institution must also provide residents/fellows with at least one week of paid time off reserved for use outside of the first six weeks of such approved leave(s) of absence. Residents and fellows must be provided with at least the equivalent of 100 percent of their salary for the first six weeks of the approved leave(s) of absence, and health and disability benefits must continue during that time (see Institutional Requirement IV.H.1.). These leaves are to be available on the very first day of employment.